Communication; do we even need to leave our homes?..

SKYPE TIP ONE– ‘Remember the person you’re talking to can see you and how you respond to what they are saying (rolling eyes, mimic gestures can be seen)’

In the present day, do we really even need to leave the comfort of our homes? With advanced media technology growing and developing so rapidly, who knows what the future will hold! Soon we will be able to conquer the world, climb the moon, all from the luxury of our living room! When you think about it, you could be socialising with hundreds of people every day without taking a step outside, and that’s the beauty of technology!

Being a first year student living away from home can be daunting. It’s the beginning of our new life where we must begin the journey of being independent and think for ourselves. However with the use of Skype, it is easy to feel at home while being miles away.

Skype is a media platform that has grasped different ideas from other forms of communication technology such as telephones and msn and combined their attributes together to create an exciting new medium. It’s hard to even picture the day when home telephones were our main communication source; it’s even harder to remember the last time I have used my home telephone. Skype has made life easier for many individuals: making long distance face to face communication possible, permitting people to work from home and it allows you and me to interact with people from across the globe.

It is mind-blowing, the things that we are capable of doing from our own lounge chair in this century. Talking to a friend in Japan on Skype, being made aware of an impending natural disaster from twitter and the example of Dino Ignacio.

It is rare to find a single-function item these days, nothing seems to be simple or analog styled. The world is full of convergence media and we must learn and master this savvy world of technology or we will be left behind.

Marshall McLuhan, author of Understanding Media states “Control over change would seem to consist in moving not with it but ahead of it. Anticipation gives the power to deflect and control.”



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