Before you hit that paste button, STOP…copyright!

Picture yourself at a birthday party. The lights are dimmed and your mum walks into the room with a giant cake ablaze with candles and everyone begins to sing ‘Happy Birthday’…It’s an annual global tradition that millions of us have experienced. Nonetheless, little did you know we are all breaching copyright laws by abusing the creative works of ‘the Warner Corporation’ every time we sing this celebration song! Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Surely as individuals we are permitted to speak our minds? Shouldn’t we be able to create and congregate ideas to produce a better outcome? Society has grown by producing new media platforms that permit individual expressions yet the laws seem to be outdated and stagnant. This injustice was expressed in today’s lecture; in the example where a DJ was sued for taking just one second of someone’s track and placing it in his own composition.

The media platform Skype has also been bitten by the copyright bug when the Skype founded company Joltid tried to sue them in 2009 for using its peer-to-peer software. A settlement was reached ensuring Skype full control of their  software and the opportunity to succeed in the social media world. (added paragraph)

Can’t we work together on an idea, bouncing thoughts back and forth as long as we acknowledge the original writer? That is where Creative Commons works, a licence to share. Ultimately you can be the co-author with others and create a masterpiece without copyright restrictions and limitations.

Copyright represents invisible walls around the content which hinders and often controls how the flow of content is applied by the user. I agree it is important, that it stops others taking ideas and using them as their own, but shouldn’t we live in a society which encourages the agreement; to create the best and to share in the digital revolution. (paragraph altered) 


2 thoughts on “Before you hit that paste button, STOP…copyright!

    • Hi Ted! Thanks for the feedback, sorry it was a typo! It should have said a world WITH copyright equals a world without new ideas. Thanks for bringing that to my attention so I can clarify in my blog. Meant to imply that if the laws of copyright are too strict than people might begin to give up on their idea in case it breaches copyright in some tiny way and they end up in trouble. That make sense?

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