Book, movie, series, ACTION!!

Why just make a movie and entertain some when we can collectively make books, games and comics and entertain many?

Synergy is the idea that combined forces are ultimately greater than the sum of an individual force. This concept relates to the initiative of Transmedia. Henry Jenkins’ interpretation of Transmedia is the “process where integral elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically across multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating unified and coordinated entertainment experience.” Transmedia is about a single story or idea being placed into numerous mediums, creating multiple points of entry and ultimately attracting more followers.

Picture this, a diagram of a movie with an arrow pointing to the consumer; this is how media channels used to work. But now think of hundreds of additional content adding value, pointing to the consumer. This is the idea of Transmedia!! By creating different points of entry for different audience sectors allows for a greater chance of audience exposure and ultimately higher recognition and income.

Being a huge Matrix fan, the film quickly expanded into a series called Animatrix (expansion of the story), comics, video games and much more. This example shows us that if the audience only watched the movie they are missing parts,  it is not until the channels are combined by other forms is the audience fully engaged with all the content.  This can also be seen in the lost experience and Pottermore where the original idea is being expanded into multiple channels to create a bigger picture with a greater audience following.

Media is rapidly growing and developing in numerous ways; constantly being added to and updated. By breaking down the story into diverse channels, it is increasing its  distribution and profits.  Transmedia is a great marketing tool that can ultimately make a single channel, last a life time! Take for instance, Star Wars  produced in the 1970s; today it’s still recognised worldwide, even by generations born long after its creation!

As Henry Jenkins states “Transmedia, the excesses in the unfolding of the story; introducing potential plots which can’t be fully told or extra details which hint at more can be revealed.”

Do not limit your experience; don’t just go watch the movie! Fully engage in the multiple channels of the platform and broaden your horizon of knowledge and understanding!


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