The Final Chapter: The Road of Reflection

It is with great regret that I say farewell to my weekly routine of reading, taking notes and blogging. I am confident that my only reader, my tortured tutorial teacher will be just as sad that my blogs will no longer light up his computer. Although fear not, I am an addicted blogger, and have learnt to love sharing my own opinions in this tech savvy world.

As I re-assess my blogs and decipher which are my favourites, I have observed a positive progression from my first attempt to my present. I have developed my own bloggers’ style; stating my thoughts, discovering additional links and materials rather than summarising the ideas from the specified readings.

This can be best seen in my Week 8 weblog post Creation requires influence’.  I demonstrate a new level of confidence; researching supplementary information on the issue rather than relying strictly on the readings/views provided. I have remixed my lecture/tutorial influences and developed my own unique trail of thought in my weblog/s. By looking outside the box, I create and voice my own conclusion relating to the chosen topic.

Week 7 ‘Embrace your inner nerd! reflects my own personal interest in the topic choice as it documents my attempt at being creative and humourous by using a random music video to portray my own nerdish persona.  I got to ‘research’ YouTube videos for my favourite nerdy programs; who wouldn’t love this. This topic encouraged me to look past just the readings, where I discovered a serious side to being a nerd; an addiction to gaming and an avoidance of ‘real life’. I successfully steered away from the rhetorical questions as seen in my earlier weblogs; clarifying my own ideas with solutions and explanations.

Another favourite was my most recent weblog, Week 10s Good Vs Evil: Open Technology Vs The Troll’ regarding internet trolls and online bullying. I feel I looked at all sides that trolls attack rather than just the sexist view which was what the lecture was mainly focused on. My reflection is genuine as I am so passionate about this topic and sickened by this public abuse of not only individuals but of the internet as a whole. I have personally witnessed online trolling when visiting the memorial page of a friend on Facebook.  I feel this weblog gave me the opportunity to publicly vent my disgust for this action; a chance I would normally not have had. Thank you BCM112.

Finally, it would be so unlike me to go out without a bang, so here you go!


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